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Tips, Tricks, and Advice

Student Society is here to help you make the best of your time in Evenstad. Here you will find almost everything we can think of to help you get settled!

Evenstad Campus

Campus is small, but that doesn't mean you can't get turned around. We've labeled the most common classrooms, and other places you'll commonly visit.

110 - Fire department
112 - Police
113 - Ambulance

When is it open?

  • The Cantina (on Campus)

    • 0900-1500 Mon-Fri

    • Free Coffee and Tea: 1100-12:30

  • Arnesens (Shop across the river)

    • 0900-1700 Mon-Sat​

  • Kiwi Koppang​

    • 0700-2100 Mon-Sat​

  • Coop & Posten Koppang​

    • 0700-2100 Mon-Sat​

  • Boots Koppang (Pharmacy)

    • 0900-1600 Mon-Thurs​

    • 0900-1700 Fri

    • 0900-1400 Sat

  • Vinmonopolet (Liquor store)

    • 1100-1600 Wednesday​

    • 1100-1600 Thursday

    • 1100-1800 Friday

    • 1100-1600 Saturday

What's Around?

  • Koppang is the nearest town. There are two grocery stores, a bank, sports shop, post office, and a restaurant

  • Rena is the next closest town. There are 5 grocery stores, and other handy stores to visit. 

  • Free Cabins in Norway

  • Cabins for rent, sights, and trails in Norway

  • Outdoor adventures around Norway

  • Ski centers around Evenstad

  • Rock Climbing

  • Fishing Licenses

How can I receive mail?

  • Post is challenging in Norway, but the first step is knowing your address

    • [Your Name]​

    • Anne Evenstad Vei 88

    • 2480 Koppang, Norway

  • Where is your package?​

    • There are a few places to check for your package, but we recommend tracking if possible.​

    • Your mailbox

      • Small packages can be in your mailbox in Hovedhuset

    • Reception

      • Check just inside the door to the right of the reception desk

    • Arnesens

      • Show the worker your name, and they will look for you​

    • Posten Koppang​

      • You usually need a tracking number to collect your package here​

Health Services


  • The municipality's health center is in Koppang, but it does not have an on-site doctor. 

    • The office is open 800-1500 Mon-Fri​

    • You can get vaccines, a covid-19 test, 

  • The closest Emergency Room is in Rena​

    • You can either get help from a friend or call an ambulance.​

    • This hospital has all of the health amenities you might need.

  • Need to talk with someone?​

    • You can schedule an appointment with SINN's Psychological Services here.​

    • If you are in immediate danger, call the helpline: 116 123

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